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Mama Shrink Episode 1 - Mommy Self-Care

podcast Aug 21, 2019

Self-care is something that many women and moms struggle with. This is actually one of the main reasons why I created Mama Shrink. I am passionate about helping moms focus on taking care of themselves.

More often than not, it’s so hard to find time for ourselves as moms, more so engage in self-care. I’ve struggled with this myself - believe me! I want to be open and honest with you and let you know that you are not alone. I’ve worked so hard to overcome it. It’s not easy but it’s something that’s so important to do in your life, even for just 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Remember mama, there is always time. We all get the same 24 hours a day but we just have to be better in figuring out how to use it.

I really want moms to feel confident about self-care because my belief is you can’t really be a great mom if you can’t take care of yourself. So, I am sharing with you why self-care is so important and how to start it in your life today:

  • [03:00] Self-care isn’t it’s not selfish. It is a necessity is that we need in order to be able to do our responsibilities.
  • [04:20] The 4 main reasons that prevent women from engaging in self-care are: guilt, judgement, perfectionism, and time. We have to let go of and overcome these things to stop feeling depleted and to be able to engage in good self-care.
  • [13:40] When we don’t engage in self care, we’re not available to help other people. The self-care that you’re feeling bad about creating for yourself is actually going to end up completely destroying you if you don’t engage in it.
  • [17:13] Self-care can mean different things for different people. What you are feeling deprived of is probably the first thing that needs to come into your self-care.
  • [20:00] If you’re finding yourself struggling with self-care or making any time for yourself during the day, just go back and think about the 4 reasons I mentioned earlier and ask yourself: “What do I need to look at?” and “How do I start doing something for myself?” Focus on what to do and start it tomorrow. Make it something that fuels your soul, makes you feel good, and something that you truly want to be doing.



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