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Episode 3: How do you know if Adoption is Right For You?

podcast Apr 23, 2020

One of the questions I get quite often when working with women dealing with infertility is how to know if they’re ready to adopt. It’s a hard question. A very personal decision and one that no one truly should or can answer but you.

In this episode, I want to give you things to think about and hold in your heart as you make the decision of adoption. I’ll be sharing how I got to this decision and things that I’ve heard from women on how they got to that point.

For many people, it can be a hard question to figure out. You need to go deep within and ask yourself “does this feel right?” And give yourself time to allow answers to come to you. I hope this episode serves you and helps you know if adoption is right for you.


  • [02:49] It’s important to feel gratitude that you are going to become a mom. That helped me so much when I made the decision to pursue adoption.
  • [04:31] Most of the people I love and that are closest to me in my life, are not biologically related to me. When I really thought about that, it helped me with my decision.
  • [07:33] My husband was more ready to adopt that I was at first and I wanted to make sure I felt the same way as he did. You can’t talk your partner into adopting, it’s not fair to the child you are bringing home to join your forever family. There should be no hesitation from any party.
  • [10:35] I didn’t care how I was going to be a mom. I just wanted to be a mom. The genetics didn’t matter to me. When I switched my mindset to adoption, everything just felt so much more hopeful.
  • [13:26] We need to look at adoption as an advantage. Adoption is a choice. We have some aspects of control that are important to look at.
  • [15:26] It’s so important to be able to look at your child and say “we both wanted you so much.” We both wanted this without hesitation.” That’s part of their journey and it’s so important for your children. We can’t go into adoption being selfish.
  • [16:15] With adoption, it gives us a lot of time to think and make decisions. Visualizing and meditating on this is so important. 
  • [17:11] When you approach adoption with a feeling of gratitude, you start to lose the sadness over not being able to conceive, and that’s when I think you know you’re ready. You have to grieve infertility before jumping into adoption.
  • [18:43] Adoption should never be a second choice. It should be THE choice.
  • [20:11] If adoption is right for you, you will find that you can create the most amazing and beautiful family.




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