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Episode 29 - 20 Things I have Learned in my 48 Years of Life

podcast Feb 13, 2020

As a tribute to my upcoming birthday, I've decided to talk about growing older. In my 48 years of existence on this planet, I share with you the top 20 things I have learned in my journey in hopes that it will get you to think about your own life, what you value, and things to consider as you move forward in life.

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  • [04:48] #1 - Always trust your intuition. It’s sometimes hard to find but meditation or checking in with yourself can help you find it. I believe everyone has intuition, you just have to get quiet and ask.
  • [07:18] #2 - Invest in good therapy because doing good therapy can be life changing. I would never have gotten to the place I am today if I hadn’t found a way to heal myself. Therapy helps you with healing and moving on from things that have been holding you back.
  • [09:23] #3 - Don’t live in your past. Sometimes people get stuck in the past, which hinders you from looking forward. That’s where good therapy comes into play because you need to heal in order to move forward. When we’re stuck in the past we’re not allowing ourselves to move forward.
  • [11:20] #4 - Never give up on your dreams. Whatever your dream is, try and find a way to reach it. At least try, even if you don’t achieve it.
  • [17:47] #5 - Never stop learning. There’s always more we can learn. We should be educating ourselves all the time. Whenever you learn something, it’s good for your brain, for you, and for the people around you.
  • [19:02] #6 - Allow yourself to have fun. Life is limited and it shouldn’t always be so serious.
  • [20:07] #7 - Marriage takes hard work. People sometimes aren’t willing to put in the work. But if you are invested in it, it’s the best thing that can happen. If you are happy in front of your children, it’s a gift to them. I also believe that people shouldn’t stay married just to stay married. We all deserve to be happy.
  • [24:28] #8 - Invest in yourself. Invest in self-care in any way that may be. We have to stop feeling guilty about caring for ourselves because if that happens, we have nothing left to give.
  • [27:28] #9 - Live in Integrity. You stick to your word and always be genuine.
  • [28:49] #10 - Value your friendships. Really strong female ties stand the test of any relationship. Your true friends will always have your back and will always be there for you. We need to invest in them. I’m talking about good friends that nourish your soul, make you feel good, that you can cry with, be yourself with, knows you inside out. It’s hard to find a good friend like that so if you found one in your life, nurture it.
  • [29:05] #11 - Blood is not thicker than water. Just because you are related to someone does not mean that you tolerate a relationship with the person if it doesn’t nourish you in some way.
  • [32:47] #12 - Being a mom is the hardest job on the planet and you truly don’t know that until you are one. When you’re a mom your life changes completely. We need to value ourselves for being a mom and give appreciation to other moms on the same journey.
  • [34:38] #13 - Travel! Going places will broaden your view of the world. Travel is so important and I highly encourage it.
  • [37:44] #14 - Time is the most precious resource we have. Try to learn not to waste it. Think about how you spend your time and value it.
  • [39:28] #15 - Always live like it may be your last day. We don’t know when our time might be up. It’s important to spend our time giving to other people and telling them how much we appreciate them.
  • [40:55] #16 - Be kind. Kindness goes a lot farther than anger.
  • [41:50] #17 - Be trustworthy.
  • [43:11] #18 - Forgiveness. Learn how to forgive because it sets you free...
  • [45:22] #19 - Take care of your health while you can.
  • [49:28] #20 - Take care of your skin - take multivitamins, sleep well, and wash your face every single night before going to bed. I swear it works!



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