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Mama Shrink Episode 3 – Releasing Energy Vampires

podcast Aug 21, 2019

In the previous episode I talked about setting boundaries and touched on what energy vampires and toxic people are. This time we are going to focus our conversation on those people.

Letting go of these energy vampires isn’t always easy because sometimes (if not most of the time) these people are our relatives, closest friends, or people we love. But I can tell you right now, no one has ever regretted letting go of a toxic person in their life.

It may not be an option for you to let go, but it is an option for you to set firm boundaries that will make you feel lighter and happier. So today, I want to share with you how you can identify and recognize energy vampires in your life and what you can do with them once you know who they are and what they do to you.

  • [04:52] An energy vampire is someone who makes you feel depleted and uncomfortable.
  • [05:36] Toxic people hold many characteristics. They always playing the victim, often interrupts people, don’t look happy, are help rejecting complainers, can’t be pleased, take up a lot of your time, don’t respect your boundaries, call when they need something from you, have an energy that is exhausting. Almost always - everything is about them and you don’t feel happy around them.
  • [10:03] Think about the energy vampires in your life, what they do to you, how they make you feel, and how you can start setting boundaries with these persons. Recognize what it looks like in your life and the problem it’s creating. It’s your first step towards change.
  • [13:16] There are many reasons why it’s difficult to release people even if they are toxic like manipulation, fear, and so much more. If you practice it, set boundaries and engage in self-care, removing someone from your life will become easier and easier.
  • [21:12] Risks are involved when you don’t let toxic people go but there are also risks when you keep them in your life. Toxic people don’t and won’t change. They will continue to make you feel depleted, stressed, and unhappy. Stop the relationship or set firm boundaries in place.
  • [23:44] Letting go of a toxic person in your life may be painful but it can impact you in a positive way and new energy may come into your life. It’s not an easy thing to do but you will feel relieved, better, and happier once it’s done.
  • [27:43] If you think that you are the toxic person in someone’s life, you can change it! Change happens because you want it. We can all change. We’re not stuck unless we want to be.



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