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Mama Shrink Episode 17 - Holiday Survival

podcast Nov 21, 2019

Holidays can be a really stressful time because we deal with so many events and gatherings. Most people go through stress, depression, and many unwanted feelings especially during this season. My goal on this episode is to make the holiday season a bit more enjoyable for you and give you tips on how to get through the holidays happier and less stressed.

Often, people have this vision and misconception that everyone or the people around them are all having the time of their lives and everything runs so smoothly during the holidays. We only see the outside or maybe what is posted on social media. But in dealing with people as a psychologist for many years, I can tell you that for the most part, this isn’t true. I can honestly say that about 90% of families don’t have it all together.

Before I start the episode I just want to let you know I will be launching a workshop course called “Releasing Mama Guilt” which will help you dive deeper into feeling more confident about yourself and your parenting and hopefully by the end not feeling guilty about the way you move through life, parent your kid or start taking exceptional care of yourself. Along with the investment in the course you will also receive a recorded hypnosis focused on releasing mama guilt, an EFT tapping session video with techniques for releasing anxiety and guilt, and a recorded morning and evening meditation for your personal use.  I’ll be offering a cyber Monday discount on December 2nd which will bring down the course price to half off from the original price of $197. That’s only for one day so do watch out for that. I’d love to have you be part of the course. It’s going to be super fun. I’ll be teaching, coaching and giving away fun stuff!

  • [07:35] You can approach the holidays in the best way possible - that is your decision. You can make it special with the special people in your life.
  • [08:52] You have the choice to say no. If it’s going to cause stress and overwhelm you, you have the permission to say no, and that’s okay.
  • [10:20] Plan in advance on how you will react to the person who will inevitably drive you crazy. Be prepared for it to happen, do some role playing in your mind, think about how you’re going to react to the situation.
  • [12:00] Lower your expectations and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised if everything turns out great. Keep smiling and be nice. It is more difficult for someone to engage in conflict with someone who looks happy and refuses to engage.
  • [14:21] Go to the family gathering and remember that you’re not them and you refuse to be like them.
  • [15:15] Keep distance around the person who is a trigger for you.
  • [15:50] Don’t drink too much. When we are drinking it can make you feel more depressed, anxious, angry, and it can inhibit your control.
  • [17:21] Look at your family with compassion and realize why they are acting the way that they do.
  • [18:55] Focus on the positive. Find something that is good.
  • [20:10] If you feel a little tense, it’s okay to give yourself a break.
  • [21:09] It’s a time limited event and you can do hard things. Take a step back and remember this is only temporary. Remember these things: you are not going to be bossed around by anybody, you are not that child anymore and you can do hard things.



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