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Episode 7 - Why It Is Important To Lower Your Expectations

podcast Sep 12, 2019

How do we know if it’s time to lower our expectations? How do we lower our expectations so that we are not constantly getting disappointed, hurt and let down because we’ve decided to keep a person in our life thinking they will change but they never do?

This is something that takes practice and as with most things in life there are times we have to do hard things. I’m going to be sharing professional and personal wisdom on this topic in today’s episode and some of my own experiences in hopes of helping you lower your own expectations of others and live a happier life.

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  • [06:07] “Happiness depends not on how well things are going but whether or not things are going better or worse than expected.” Everything we enter into in life, we go into it with an expectation. It’s important to recognize what our expectation is before going into a situation and then adjust our expectation accordingly.
  • [08:01] You always have a choice to keep people in your life or not. The goal is to have relationships that make you feel better.
  • [08:59] Set expectations of what may happen and prepare yourself for it in order to lessen the feeling of being upset or hurt.
  • [10:45] Stop expecting people to change and lower your expectations of them. People are not going to just change.
  • [13:50] There is a very strong correlation between lowering your expectations and increasing your level of happiness. When we lower our expectations of something, we become happier.
  • [14:48] When you don’t want to lower your expectations because it hurts and it’s painful, that’s okay too.
  • [19:22] Narcissistic people, constant complainers, worriers can’t easily change. Lower your expectations of them if you want to keep them in your life.
  • [20:44] You can still have higher expectations. Seek out people who meet those expectations.
  • [21:35] There are times when our expectations are too high - for ourselves or for other people. It may also set you up for hurt and pain and it may also push people away. Remember that it’s okay, you can always work on it.
  • [24:05] Don’t lower things and just settle. But don’t stay in things that don’t feel good. If you are going to keep people in your life, you’ve got to be okay with where they’re at.

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