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Episode 6 - How To Parent With Chronic Illness

podcast Sep 05, 2019

Having a chronic illness is hard.. more so if you are a mother who needs to take care of her family and kids. It can affect and impact, not only you, but your whole family.

If you have a chronic illness, it’s important to know how you can talk to your children about it and how it may affect them. It is important to be open and honest without making your child feel any unnecessary worry. In this episode I share my experience with parenting my two boys while having chronic Lyme disease. Even though I talk about my experience parenting with Lyme Disease, what you will learn in the episode is applicable to any chronic illness you may be suffering from.

I hope by listening you will learn to be kinder to yourself, engage in a higher level of self-care, learn ways to talk to your children about chronic illness, and find more ways of living your life to the fullest, despite having a chronic illness. I want you to know that you are not alone in this, Mama.

  • [04:13] When you’re parenting with a chronic illness, normal things may become very difficult. It’s okay to go through a period of loss and grief. It’s a process and you need to acknowledge that for yourself. It’s important to not get stuck and depressed but to be kind to yourself.
  • [07:24] It’s hard when you are dealing with a chronic illness because not everyone knows. It’s okay to ask for help. Be open to people about having a diagnosis because it can help them understand you more.
  • [10:19] Educate your children about your illness.
  • [12:30] Don’t let your child feel sorry for you or feel they need to take care of you.
  • [13:00] Be honest with what your illness looks like in a more child-friendly way.
  • [14:41] You also have to understand that your kids might be angry with you because kids are egocentric and they want you to be active. If this happens, let them know that it’s okay to be angry and talk to them about their feelings. Be flexible and look for other ways to accommodate their requests.
  • [17:47] It might be frightening for your child to see you go through hardships. It’s important to help protect your kids from that but also talk about their feelings. Don’t keep them in the dark and give them unnecessary worry.
  • [20:55] On the days that you DO feel good, try to use that to your advantage with your kids. Do something they want to do with you when you have the energy to engage in it.
  • [22:38] Taking care of yourself as a mom should be a #1 priority, especially if you have a chronic illness.

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