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Episode 23 - Card Telling Tips for The New Year

podcast Jan 08, 2020

Happy new year, mommas!

I'm part of a group by James Redmore where he gave us these cards with different quotes. And today I've picked out some of my favorite quotes to share with you and how you can make these happen for you this 2020.

I have learned from these quotes myself and I want to share them with you in the hopes that it will inspire you to be more and do more this new year.

  • [2:00] "Expect nothing but appreciate everything"
  • [02:55] "Grateful" - Be grateful and take a moment to have gratitude everyday. It could be the most simplest thing.
  • [04:25] "Don't grow up. It's a trap" - We should never forget how to play and have fun. Do something that doesn't feel grown up. Don't limit your creativity.
  • [06:01] "Everything is effing possible." - If you think there is something impossible in your life, try to rethink that.
  • [07:06] "If you think you don't deserve it, the universe will never ever serve it." - Positive makes positive. There is power in our beliefs, thoughts and energy that we put out.
  • [08:05] "When you realize that you create your own universe, you don't need to fall apart in order for it to get your attention," -
  • [09:32] "Don't believe everything you think." - Our mind is so hard on us sometimes and we really have to change that mindset. When those thoughts come up in your head simply say "cancel" and that word helps my brain think something else.
  • [10:35] "Does this support the life I'm committed to create?" - Always ask yourself is this pointing you to the direction you want to go in the future.
  • [12:40] "Don't worry about what I'm doing, worry about why you're worrying about what I'm doing." - Worrying about what others do is wasted energy.
  • [14:25] "If you're worried about what people think, what you're really saying is that a complete stranger's opinion is more important than your happiness."
  • [16:45] "Stop taking constructive criticism from someone who hasn't constructed anything." - Don't go to people who have not achieved what you want to achieve and ask for advice.
  • [19:49] "You csn't change the world if you can't change your mind." - Change only happens when we start to think differently. It always comes back to out mindset. You have to go deeper in your mind to make those changes.
  • [21:20] "What got you here won't get you there." You have to let go with what no longer serves you in order to be open to new possibilities coming into your life to achieve different results.
  • [22:40] "What is this preparing me for?"
  • [24:10] "You are not limited to who you think you are." - Don't limit and underestimate yourself, especially as women. You can do hard things.
  • [25:30] "There are people in this world that will never become their best until you become your best."
  • [27:00] "Everytime you say 'I don't have the time,' you are avoiding responsibility."
  • [29:29] "Your success is inevitable." - You success will happen!



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