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Episode 22 - Aligning In The Year

podcast Dec 26, 2019

Merry Christmas, Mommas! Today is the day after Christmas and I hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your kids.

Now that we are embarking on a new year and a new decade, I thought I would dive deep into some possibilities for people to think about things that they want going into the new year. These are just some suggestions.

Overall, I think you should set more energy to go more into that spiritual part of you this new year. Think about what you want for yoursef, what you want your life to look like in the coming year. I’ll be sharing some of my own thoughts with you to get you thinking how you want to live this next year of your life.


  • [02:58] Integrity - It means so much to have integrity. By integrity I mean you walk the walk, stand behind your word, not promising things you can’t deliver. It feels good to walk the walk, not preaching and telling people but you’re not doing them yourself.
  • [04:57] Alignment - For me, alignment means body, mind and soul all being aligned. When we are in alignment that’s when our best selves start to shine through. When we get very busy as moms, we sometimes don’t know that we’re not in alignment. Once we focus on being in alignment we really start to enjoy our lives more and value our time more. Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle and hustle.
  • [08:32] Growth - Allowing myself to grow and being uncomfortable with growing. As humans, we are put in this life to grow. Great and hard things happen sometimes but they all teach us a lesson. Figure out what those lessons are and why they are happening to you. That all ties in to growth, expanding yourself, and saying “I’m willing to grow. I want things to be expansive this new year.”
  • [10:10] What is something in the new year that you want to focus on? It may be uncomfortable at times but you have to push through that part of growing and change so that it becomes a normal part of your life that will be easier to accomplish for you. Look at it as something that will better your life and look at the thing that makes it so important - this will be the thing that will motivate you.
  • [11:55] It takes a while for us to change and it’s very important for us to be kind to ourselves in that process. Change is hard. We also have to be okay with failing, disappointment. These are opportunities for learning and growth.
  • [13:00] Write down your goals you have picked for yourself. Sit with it and think of your why. You will have it as a reminder in the new year.
  • [14:40] Look back through your calendar and what you did in the year. Sit with yourself and write down a year in review of your life - see what worked and what didn’t, see what you want to continue to do and see what you want to get rid of. It’s very powerful and wonderful to get in touch with that. I really hope you consider doing this because it’s a really nice way to connect with yourself.
  • [18:30] Don’t be too hard on yourself. Go more deeply in your soul and align with what you want your purpose to be in the new coming year.





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