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Episode 19 - The Importance of Finding Your Peeps

podcast Dec 05, 2019

Happy December, Mamas! Time flew by so fast this year, I don’t even know where the year has gone. In a few weeks we’re bringing in a new year and a new decade which is pretty cool.

In this episode today, I really want to focus on the importance of community and finding your peeps. One of the hardest but most common things I see in my practice is a lack of community and social support between people. It is hard and lonely to be in that space because as humans, we are biologically wired for connection.

This is why finding a group or community you can belong to is so important. I have my group of peeps: other moms, my business associates, and some on-line groups that I pay to be part of. These are like-minded people who share the same values I have and it makes me feel supported. So I am hoping by the end of this episode, you realize and see the importance of creating community in your life and strive to find a group of your own peeps.

[05:0] Humans are social creatures (even introverts) that need a sense of belonging. When we don’t have this, it can lead to loneliness, depression, and/or anxiety.

[05:38] When you think about groups of people, people can belong through all sorts of different ways. Get outside your box a little bit, think about your values, what you care about and how you can find people who match your interests and values.

[08:25] Think about the groups that are out there even for things that are hard to deal with such as AA. Having peers in the same group, who know how you feel and get you can really make a difference in your life. People want to be around other people who know exactly what they’re feeling before anything is even said.

[12:10] In life, we can sometimes feel alone and when we’re able to share that our life with others, it really takes us out of our own head and say - I’m not alone.

[16:55] You have to keep looking until you find your people. It comes back to going out and finding people in your community (or even online) that match what you are looking for. In order to do this, you need to understand yourself first and what you are looking for. It’s important that you get in touch with what is important to you and what you value.

[21:39] We are hardwired to be part of a community. If you don’t have a community, you can volunteer, join a group, find a therapy or support group. Take a risk and ask someone about groups.

[23:08] Don’t stay in groups because you’ve belonged in them forever. Sometimes we change as humans and we grow over time, and as a result, we look for other groups to belong to. That is completely fine.

[26:11] Join groups that show support and respect, especially when finding them on-line. I closely monitor my Mama Shrink community and I will not tolerate anyone being disrespectful or hurtful. Groups are for people to feel safe and grow. Find a group that makes you feel all those things. Don’t settle for anything less.

[27:19] We are human beings. We need community. We need to find our peeps.



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