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Episode 11 - How To Get Your Child To Communicate With You

podcast Oct 16, 2019

 Communicating with our kids is one of the topics I often deal with at work. I’ve spoken to many parents and children and this is a common problem I encounter. It struck me how many parents are worried about their kids making friends, dealing with peer pressure, and all the struggles that come along with the new school year.

It doesn’t matter what age they are, it’s a tough time for kids to navigate when their brains are still developing. Some teens shut down from their parents because they feel they aren’t understood. And for all kids, it is our job as their mom to make them feel validated and heard.

I hope this episode will help you communicate more effectively with your child and get your child to open up and want to talk with you.

[05:08] Embrace self-confidence. Our children watch us and model our behavior. Show and tell them what confidence looks like.

  • [07:33] Girls really struggle with self-confidence. It is so important to acknowledge their feelings, let them know that it’s okay and that they’re not alone in this.
  • [08:40] Hear your child out and validate their thoughts and feelings, while encouraging them to talk with you. Don’t immediately jump in to fix their problems for them. Ask them what you can do to help them and give them suggestions if they ask for advice. Have a discussion that school is temporary and it will pass. Stress this to them in a kind and caring way.
  • [13:21] Talk to them about topics such as dating. Be open to their pain but also share your experience because it’s important for them to hear that from you.
  • [14:23] Share photos of yourself when you were their age and share your experiences with them. Kids respond to this and it really can make them open up more.
  • [16:25] Have conversations with your children as early as possible on not worrying about what other people are going to think and say. It’s hard but it’s very important for them to start hearing this from a very young age.
  • [21:49] Teach your kids how to speak up for themselves early on in their little lives. It will allow them to have an easier time through their entire life and have the tools to do these things when you’re not around. If we just swoop in and fix it for them, we’re not helping them learn it on their own.
  • [23:23] It hurts us when we hear about bad things happening to our kids at school. There are times when it’s really important to intervene. It’s the hard part about being the parent. Sometimes, our kids get mad when we’re doing the right things for them because they’re worried about what their peers may think. With minor things, it’s important to encourage them to be confident and help them figure out ways to deal with things on their own.
  • [24:51] Talk to your kids about what’s happening on the internet. Put it out there before it happens. Be proactive, especially with teenagers and talk to them about things they should do if or when it does happen.

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